21-year-old rapist sentenced to life behind bars.

A 21-year-old rapist has been sentenced to life in prison in the KwaMhlanga Regional Court. Paris Mphela raped three women in KwaMhlanga in Mpumalanga between June 2019 to November 2020, National Prosecuting Authority’s regional spokesperson, Monica Nyuswa said. Nyuswa said Mphela pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and was eventually convicted.

“One victim was attacked by Mphela and another unknown perpetrator. They dragged her to the bushes and took turns to rape her. Mphela was arrested and was granted bail but continued to rape women. He attacked two victims in their homes, where one was dragged out of the yard, assaulted and forcefully raped. The other one was raped more than once,” said Nyuswa.

Nyuswa said one of the victims knew Mphela as they stayed in the same neighbourhood. She said the victim identified Mphela by his gold tooth and was he subsequently arrested after DNA swaps linked him to other rapes.

“The magistrate considered Mphela’s guilty plea as a sign of remorse by not letting the victims testify, and he also saved the court’s time. She took all the three counts of rape together for sentence and sentenced him to life imprisonment,” Nyuswa said.

Mphela was also declared unfit to possess a firearm.

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