23 appear for SASSA fraud

Twenty three alleged members of a syndicate appeared in the Nelspruit Regional Court for using identity documents of members of the public to register fraudulent grants. Their case has been remanded to 04 September 2020.
Still in Mpumalanga, another syndicate will appear in court tomorrow charged for trying to hack the SASSA system with some sophisticated gadgets.
“This strategy is driven by multi-disciplinary teams of law enforcers who collaborate to detect fraud and unleash the might of the law on those suspected of committing it”- Totsie Memela the SASSA CEO said.
“We have adopted a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and will stop at nothing to root it out at first sight, so criminals, be warned”: she concluded.
In another case, the Mbizana regional court in the Eastern Cape sentenced a couple to eight and ten years in jail for fraud amounting to over 1.2 million Rands.
Their modus operandi was to register fraudulent social grants on the SASSA system. One of the convicted fraudsters was an employee of SASSA and had access to the SASSA system while the other partner was the brains behind the fraud.

The public is called upon to blow the whistle and report cases of corruption to the Anti-corruption hotline on 0800 43 43 73. We need to work together even more with the public to fight corruption and ensure that public funds are not abused by anyone.

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