ANC masses in defense

Hundreds of ANC members from all 38 wards in Bushbuckridge gathered at the Local Municipality’s head office in defence against the alleged protest by the Bushbuckridge Business chamber that was supposed to take place in the morning on Monday, the 11th of March 2019.

“These branches have been calling me over the weekend after they heard that there are people who want to shut down the municipality,” Leonard Malomane, the sub-region chairperson told Bushbuckridge News.

According to Malomane, the business chamber aims to close the municipality because they say they want sub-contracts under every tender by the municipality in all the wards. This is in relation to the recently announce roadworks project in three different wards within the region.

“As the ruling party, we don’t have a problem with them getting the sub-contracts that they want, but we’re against them shutting down the municipality, because the head office should be in operation at all times so that the residents continue getting their daily services such as water. All we’re saying is that they should follow the right procedures for a peaceful protest if they have anything against the municipality,” Malomane added.

In response to the matter, the chamber’s president, Mr Tom Chilloane said; “The ANC recruited all the hooligans around the streets to defend the chamber from entering the municipality. As a chamber, we’re a very serious stakeholder in the municipality, and we’re also a legal entity. We had numerous engagements with the municipality, and our plan is to protect the interests of the local business people, but these politicians are against that because they’re the ones who benefit from all these projects. We’re against that because you cannot be a municipality official and also benefit from every tender project, it’s unlawful.”

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