Award-winning journo admits to stealing

Bohlabela Newshorn most well-known journalist, Tumelo Dibakwane has admitted to stealing stories from Bushbuckridge News. For some time now, the Bushbuckridge News stuff kept on seeing stories which had initially been published in Bushbuckridge News later appearing in the Bohlabela Newshorn, and sometimes these stories would be written word to word.

When one of the Bushbuckridge News journalists posted an update on Facebook, Dibakwane what sapped him saying that he should post the full details so he could steal the story. This was after the journalist in question had previously sent snapshots of both Bushbuckridge News and Bohlabela Newshorn and asked why they were stealing our stories.

When our journalist displayed his shock at what Dibakwane had just said Dibakwane tried to justify this by telling him that he didn’t mean literally stealing but he meant that if he does happen to see a story that he can use in our newspaper, he will rewrite the story and change the angle of the story. He also went on to confess that he did another story after seeing the one we had published. On top of all this, Dibakwane admitted to another one of our journalist that he took his story and used it after just changing the picture.

Dibakwane then tried to warm up to our journalist, by telling him that he apologises for stealing his work and using it without his permission.

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