BBRYDO student’s graduate

BBRYDO a program that specialises in Customer Services, Basic Computing, Reproductive Health, Career Guidance, Personal & Organisational Development, Assessment, Moderation, Library, Seminars and Dialogue. It is based in Bushbuckridge under the leadership of young people who are driven enough to achieve.

Last weekend they held their graduation ceremony at Emmanuel Wesley Church in Casteel where several people including parents of the graduates attended. BBRYDO Secretary Mr Thusang Kenneth gave the key note address of the day, and he congratulated the graduates and his team for the hard work they have given to the community and their graduates for their cooperative throughout the course. “Congratulations to the BBRYDO team and our graduates for the hard work, I am happy the day has finally arrived and I can see you are all happy, be happy you deserve it. You worked hard for it. Though it’s not the end of the chapter, remember we learn until we are old, so carry on furthering your studies until you become a doctor” he concluded.

One of the graduates Thapelo Monareng said “I would like to say thank you to our teachers for their patience, you never gave up on us, it is easy to teach people who are at the same age with you, others will take advantage and don’t attend classes because they know you won’t act on that but you guys gave your full commitment because you wanted us pass at the end of the day,”

She further encourage her fellow peers to come join BBRYDO and that they won’t regret, “To everyone at home come join BBRYDO you won’t regret, when I came here I couldn’t operate a computer but now am a pro, it’s not only computers you can learn here but a lot of this so come and learn,” she concluded.

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