Bushiri  fraud case to be heard after Malawi extradition matter finalised

A fraud-related case against self-proclaimed Prophet, Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary, will only be heard after his extradition case in Malawi has been finalised. The matter relates to a luxury jet, which has been seized by the State. The State believed that the 1984 Gulfstream jet was bought through the proceeds of crime.

The Bushiris are embroiled in multiple fraud-related cases here in South Africa amounting to millions of rands. The case against the couple was postponed to the first of November in their absence. Their lawyer was also not present when the matter was rolled over pending the finalisation of their extradition hearing in Malawi.

The controversial couple fled the county after they were released on R200,000 bail each by the Pretoria Magistrates Court last year. They claimed that they were not safe in this country, also saying they believed that they would not get a fair trial. The matter is expected back in court in Malawi on Thursday for the continuation of the extradition case.

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