Compensation Fund covers workers’ COVID-19 claims

The Compensation Fund (CF) has to date received 7 966 COVID-19 claims.

The CF received 62% (4 929) of the claims, with Rand Mutual having received 35% (2 792) of the claims, while Federated Employers received 3% (23645).

From the total claims received, 57% (4 548) were received from females and 43% (3 418) from males.

An amount of R5 007 464.01 has since been paid towards the benefits.

The distribution of payments is as follows:

–          R 664 322.20 paid for temporary total disablement and this constitutes 13% of the total amount paid.

–          R 51 477.53 paid towards permanent disability lump sum and this constitutes just above 1% of the total amount paid.

–          R 1 015 555.16 paid out in medical aid costs and constitutes 20% of the total amount paid.

–          R 18 251.00 paid out in funeral costs and constitutes just below 1% of the total amount paid.

–          R3 257 858.12 paid out independents benefits costs and constitutes 65% of the total amount paid.

From the total, claims received, 57% (4 574) were adjudicated and 43% (3 392) is not yet adjudicated.  The breakdown is as follows:

–          Of the total 4 929 claims received by the Compensation Fund, 81% (3 987) were adjudicated and 19% (942) still to be adjudicated.

–          Of the adjudicated 3 987 claims by the CF, liability was accepted for 86% (3 443), and liability repudiated for 14% (544).

Of the total 2 792 claims received by Rand Mutual, 13% (371) were adjudicated and 87% (2 421) are still to be adjudicated.

Of the adjudicated 371 claims by RMA, liability was accepted for 10% (38) and liability repudiated for 90% (333).

Of the total 245 claims received by Federated Employers, 88% (216) were adjudicated and 12% (29) are still to be adjudicated. Of the adjudicated claims, liability was accepted for 49% (105) and liability repudiated for 51% (111).

The work of the Compensation Fund comes in the wake of the improved controls and systems that the Unemployment Insurance Fund has instituted resulting in the better vetting of claims and claimants.

As of today, the UIF has assessed and paid over R43 billion (R43 532 125 278.30) in 9 934 007 payments to employees from 874 852 employer applications.

A total number of over one million employers have submitted claims on behalf of 11 283 665 employees.

However, there are still 443 369 employees who have not been declared by employers and until that is the case, the claims will remain in abeyance.

“We still have about 443 369 undeclared employees whose April, May, and June claims we could not process for payments, and we urge employers to make declarations either electronically on uFiling or by completing the UI-19 form to in a case of fewer than 10 employees,” said the acting UIF Commissioner Marsha Bronkhorst.

Bronkhorst said the new controls that have been instituted in the wake of the Auditor-General’s report have not only made the process smoother but have also weeded out undeserving claims, including those made on behalf of deceased persons, prisoners, and other unqualifying claimants. –

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