Dithakga eliminating poverty through sewing

The project is aimed at eliminating poverty in the Casteel community, according to the founders…

Dithakga is a registered cooperative project, based in Casteel, mainly focused on producing unique clothing designs for the community, country and world at large.

“Dithakga was founded in April 2017. We initially started as a group of youth with the aim of eradicating poverty in our homes through our sewing skills. We sew clothing items, and we are more focused on bringing in newer designs and export them throughout the world,” one of the founders, Kholofelo Malapane, one of the founders said.

“Our designs are influenced by tradition; therefore we always ensure that we use beads to represent our uniqueness. We are asking for financial assistance from the relevant people, organisations and business people in order to buy our stock in bulk so that we can produce larger quantities in future and also be able to sustain our lives for the longest time,” another member, Abigail Mkhabela added.

“We still lack on many things,” Mavis Mashego added. “We also do not have enough equipment and a place of operation, so whoever has the ability to help us in any way is welcomed to do so because our project is still underdeveloped and most of us are unemployed,” Mavis added.

Chairperson of Disabled People South Africa (DPSA) is Mpumalanga, and also one of the founders, Mr Sipho Mashego went on to add that the reason they came up with such a project was because there’s a niche in the market for them to expand, but with the help of government and other funders; “we realised that there’s poverty, then we came up with a strategy to raise funds to eliminate the hunger. Our aim as a cooperative is to ensure that we stick to our unique approach.”

He added; “we also have Lesedi farming project on which we aim to plant coffee, but our main challenge is land, we need land to work on, but up to now we haven’t been successful because we don’t have money to buy land. Our traditional leaders should also work hand in hand with us because we’re not individuals but a group of community members with one common goal.”

The two projects appear to be the lifeline of the 22 members in total, and they say their whole lives are dependent on the success of either of the two.

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