DJ Sbu breaks ‘longest radio show’ world record  and retires from radio.

Media personality and entrepreneur Sbusiso ‘DJ Sbu’ Leope has put South Africa on the world map by breaking the record for the Longest Marathon Radio Music Show. The nine-day experience saw DJ Sbu broadcast in both South Africa and Tanzania, challenging his team to participate in the world’s longest radio show marathon for charity.

“We are very humbled by this experience. Never have we thought that we would set a new world record. We are grateful for the support for having raised funds for the Siyazigabisa Home Of Hope through our different initiatives that we did in December, the biggest one being the world record experience which featured a 216 hours radio music show non-stop in two countries,” expressed Sbu.

This incredible milestone also marks the evolution of an era for DJ Sbu as he retires from daytime radio at Massiv Metro and focuses on his new brand property, Homegrown, which includes radio, music and a wholesale arm aimed to build and empower others.

“At some point you have to hang up the mic and focus on the development of others. It’s my 2nd time retiring in my life. First was from music 10 years ago and after 20 years of radio, I thought why not go out with a world record. But I’m not gone completely, I’ll be sharing my radio experience by training the new generation of radio talent on Homegrown Radio.”

The basis of the world record experience was a philanthropic one to raise funds for the Siyazigabisa Home Of Hope in his home town, Tembisa. The fundraising initiative was also extended from his first annual homecoming picnic which saw all ticket sales go to the children’s home.

“We wanted to challenge ourselves with my team of new young broadcasters from Homegrown Radio and my team at Massiv Metro, with whom the World Record experience was broadcast. We also partnered with a radio platform in Tanzania, 255 Global Radio, and did a historical Longest Music Radio Show Marathon in the world from two countries streaming on multiple platforms including our social media feeds,” added Sbu.

To celebrate the 9-day radio show marathon, DJ Sbu released his brand-new album titled, “Homecoming: The African Odyssey,” with his first official music video for single, “Nakupenda”, featuring Tanzania’s Alikiba and South African based Ghanaian producer, C-Tea Beat.

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