Explosion of art in Masakeng!

By Rodney Mashego

Being a community hero demands not an arm and a leg, but finding ways to help develop a fellow neighbour for the better. Those were the sentiments of Thato Sebashe and Cedric Mashego, well-known as Shane-T and Ceddy-P respectively from the community of Masakeng. Thato says he came up with the idea to host ‘Explosion of Art’ talent show in their community after realising that the youth of Masakeng is drowning in hopelessness due to the lack of exposure and recreational facilities.

The Explosion of Art will be the first of many more annual events to be hosted in Masakeng, with the aim of encouraging the youth to be motivated to chase their dreams. Activities such as poetry, drama, music, mango groove, mmino wa setšo, beauty contest, street dance and many others will form part of the day’s activities on the 1st of December 2018.

“At first the idea was just about entertaining the youth since there is no form of entertainment or even sports in our village. That’s when we decided to include different art activities in our talent show. We’ve decided to include a beauty pageant and other activities so that the young girls can also get a platform to show off their talents”, Thato said.

“We want to bring reality to what the young ones only get to see on television, so that they may have a purposeful life knowing that whatever they dream of is achievable, but also to discover raw talent. But then we cannot do it on our own, we need sponsors, donations or any other contributions so that the children may be motivated enough to compete with a purpose.” He added.

Thato also mentioned that the talent show is not limited to the residents of Masakeng, but also to neighbouring villages such as Thabakgolo, Shatale, Ga Motibidi and other disadvantaged communities. He also said; “This is also a perfect platform for politicians to capitalize and score political points by giving back as elections are drawing closer, so they’re also invited to contribute”, he concluded.

Cedric, one of the founding members of Reditced Music studio says the explosion of art is a perfect platform for everyone, especially the talented musicians he’s been working with at the studio, to show everyone what they’re capable of doing.

Those interested in contributing/participating in the talent show may contact Thato on 076 041 8857.

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