Family accused of witchcraft!

Two suspects were arrested by the Mhala Police after accusing a certain family of witchcraft in Hluvukani village.
It is believed that the arrested suspects were involved in torching the family’s huts, destroying windows and assaulting one of the old man’s children, after the old man and his four wives were accused of practising witchcraft in the community.

According to Captain Nyakane, the police were able to rescue the family during the fire to a place of safety. After a tracing operation, the police say they managed to arrest two suspects aged 29 and 37 on charges of assault and arson.

The police have also confirmed that one of the old man’s sons was beaten to death last night and that a murder case has been opened.

“We’re pleading with the community to address whatever issues they have within society with their traditional leadership, this is an act of criminality and the police will not tolerate such,” said Captain Nyakane.
Anyone with information that may assist the police regarding this matter may contact Captain Mashele on 0829684153.

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