Family of five attacked by a huge swarm of bees.

A family of five are all in a serious condition after being stung by a swarm of bees in Nelspruit on Sunday, paramedics said. According to ER24, a couple, their two young daughters and their baby girl were out enjoying an afternoon drive through the veld on a nature estate just south of Nelspruit when they drove over a bee’s nest.

“The bees swarmed and got into the vehicle through the open windows causing the family to panic and run,” said ER24 spokesperson Ross Campbell.

“The oldest daughter, believed to be about 12 years of age, ran to a nearby farmhouse to get help whilst being continually stung. The oom of the farmhouse apparently sprayed her with water and told her to jump in the pool before calling for help. He also then drove down to see if he could find the others but had to turn back because of the swarm of angry bees,” he explained.

An ER24 paramedic arrived on the scene at 6.15pm.

“Suiting up in his fire gear, the two again tried to find the others. The father was heard screaming for help from a vlei where he had waded into the water with his toddler and baby in an attempt to escape the bees.

Cambell said an ER24 medic managed to get close enough to grab the baby and toddler and race back to the farmhouse. He said the medic handed the kids directly to the ambulance crew who rushed them to the hospital. He said by that time, the oldest daughter had also been taken to hospital for further treatment.

“More ER24 paramedics had arrived on the scene and they returned to the vlei for the father and managed to find the mother who had run back to their car in all the panic. The family members were all taken to hospital for further emergency care,” Campbell said.

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