Financial freedom for kids

The Children of the Dawn’s Children in Action group recently had a fundraising event which was aimed at teaching the children to be responsible for them and about ways they can generate money without doing anything wrong or illegal. The event was held at the Children of the Dawn Centre in Shangaanhill recently and as part of the day’s activities the children sold snacks and entertained the guests.

According Ms Kim Moon, the director of the centre, the funds raised will go towards feeding the children. She said the children were taught how to make money, how to save money and they will also get to experience how to spend money wisely. Moon added that she would like to see the kids growing up to be wise and responsible in the future.

Moon told Bushbuckridge News that the centre plays a role in protecting children against child abuse because they teach kids about their rights and also keep them off the streets as they have different activities that they can do at the centre.

“We also advise them to have someone they can talk to and we talk to them about things that happen on a daily basis. We are always there for them and we let them know that we are here to listen to them and to help them” said Moon

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