Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West and Limpopo warned to brace for heavy rains.

Despite the destruction trial left behind by Tropical Cyclone Eloise, it seems South Africans are still going to experience more heavy rainfalls. The SA Weather Service (SAWS) has issued an “orange warning” for disruptive rainfall in parts of Mpumalanga, Gauteng and the western bushveld of Limpopo, as well as the northeastern parts of North West. The rain is expected from Thursday and could continue throughout the weekend.

The weather service says the rainfall could result in flooding in low-lying areas, isolated incidents of breaching of earth dam walls, general disruption to traffic and basic services, flooding of roads and settlements, and danger to life — particularly because of fast-flowing rivers and streams.

Saws has also issued a yellow warning for disruptive rainfall over the eastern and central parts of the Free State, as well as over the eastern parts of the North West, resulting in localised flooding and difficult driving conditions.

The wet weather is expected to continue into the weekend, as SAWS says the persistence of showers and thundershowers over the central parts of the country will continue throughout the weekend, while maximum temperatures should start recovering, heralding a spell of warmer, albeit humid weather in the days ahead.

“By contrast, the western interior should become sunny, dry and hot during the coming weekend,” the weather service said in a statement.

In the past 48 hours, numerous severe weather-related events have been reported over the western parts of the Free State and the northeastern parts of the Northern Cape. Some of these events included damage and closure of roads, widespread flooding, as well as evacuations of some communities and people stranded by rising flood waters.

It is likely that extensive damage to crops as well as waterlogged farmlands will ultimately lead to significantly impaired agricultural production in these areas.

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