Gogo shares secret to living longer

Ella Dibakoane (101) of age from Bushbuckridge has advice for younger people around Bushbuckridge. The centenarian recently celebrated her 101st birthday In Casteel, Bushbuckridge last weekend and she knows what she is talking about when it comes to life and its lessons.

“I grew up eating traditional food and even when civilisation came I made sure that I stay away from fast food. I only know one man in my entire life that is one of the reasons why I am healthy today,” Dibakwane told Bushbuckridge News. “My advice to young people is that they must abstain from sex until they get married.

When it comes to choosing the food that they eat they must be careful,” she said. Dibakoane said that while most of those she grew up with have already died due to old age and sickness, she is still healthy with a good memory and the ability to walk without being assisted.


Gogo Ella Dibakaone

According to the granny, “Have one partner, eat healthy, you will live longer,” – Ella Dibakoane’s eyes are still functioning well and she is still able to cook her favourite traditional meal. She has already outlived two of her children and her husband who died 25 years ago.

Her two surviving children and relatives gathered at her home to celebrate her birthday. “I thank God for keeping me alive and I believe that I still have another decade to live. I know all my friends and other family members are gone, at my age, I don’t have any chronic disease that is the sign that I will still be here for a long time” she said

One of her granddaughters, Gladys Chweni, described her as someone who always unites the family and teaches them about life because she knows everything about life. “I always take her advice because if she managed to live this long it means there is something that she was doing right that made God preserve her life till now.

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