Gogo Violet turns 100

By Rodney Mashego

2018 has been a year of centenary celebrations for struggle icons such as Nelson Mandela and Albertina Sisulu, and although they have not managed to live through to see their 100th birthdays, Gogo Violet Mathebula has managed to pull through!

It was indeed a wonderful day as Gogo Violet celebrated her 100th birthday with the community of Madjembeni along with friends, family, the entire community as well as the Bushbuckridge Men’s Sector recently.

She was born on the 7th of November 1918, and has been growing stronger by the years. According to her family, she managed to live through until this day because of a healthy lifestyle. They also mentioned that she has never been to hospital throughout her life for any health issues, until recently when she fell and broke an arm. She is succeeded by 11 children, of which 9 have already passed on. She also has a total of 30 grandchildren, 34 great-grandchildren and seven greatest grandchildren.

“I’ve spent many, many years living next to this woman, and during all those times I have never had any issues with her. I am grateful that God has managed to keep her for so long, we all wish her to see many more years full of blessings. The youth should take their elders’ advices so that they may also live long”, said Gogo Violet’s friend, Gogo Ella Seganye who is also turning 100 years next year.

The Bushbuckridge Men’s Sector contributed to the birthday celebration of Gogo Violet through asking for donations from the local retail stores.

“We were assisted by various funders to assist Gogo Violet to celebrate her birthday. As Men’s Sector, we want to contribute positively to society to ensure that we erase the negative perceptions and stereotypes about us. We are also trying to teach all males to love and respect our mothers, sisters, lovers, children and every other female. We’d like to wish her many more years of life”, said Kgahliso Mashego, the deputy chairperson of Bushbuckridge Men’s Sector.

Mashego also said that the men’s sector will continue in the same spirit of celebrating the elderly while they’re still alive, especially those who are 80 years and older.

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