Hospital service from hell!

Residents from different communities have been complaining for years now following treatment they get from health care facilities, particularly the services offered by those employed to advance the ‘Batho Pele’ (people first) principles across our healthcare facilities.

The Mapulaneng hospital has been under scrutiny for what’s labelled “inhumane service” by the public. It was also evident when Chief L.E Mashego of Thabakgolo visited the hospital to observe the service with his own eyes over two months ago, where he further called on the Department of health to rectify the situation.

Most of those who have been to the hospital for services would usually complain about harsh treatment by the nurses, monetary exchanges for good services, preferential treatment for the staff’s relatives, cleanliness of the hospital and even the one restroom (toilet) in the casualty waiting room which supposed to cater for both genders.

Bushbuckridge News therefore dedicated the 8th of May 2019, the day of elections, to pay a special circumstantial visit (without the cameras, recorders, notepads and a notice) to observe the awful services after complaints from residents who couldn’t manage to vote after being forced to sit for more than six hours awaiting services at the hospital.

According to the notices inside the hospital’s walls; the maximum waiting period in the casualty ward should be two hours, however, around 7pm in the evening we would still find patients (either waiting to go for an x-ray or for the doctor or some other service) awaiting assistance for more than six hours.

“My child broke his arm in the morning, and I had to quickly rush him to the hospital before going to vote. We arrived here around 2pm but then I’m still here, and it doesn’t seem like I’ll go home anytime soon. We’re both hungry, tired and feeling cold, this is not fair,” one parent in the casualty ward said.

When asked if the slow service could have been influenced by the elections taking place on the same day, one certain woman replied, saying; “It’s even better today because most people are out there voting. Those of us who come here more often are used to sleeping on these cold benches. They should at least provide us with food because we spend many hours here.”

Others said they were already tired of complaining because nothing ever changes. They also said they do not want to identify names because they don’t want any of the staff to lose their jobs. “We just want them to improve their services, not this thing of giving special treatment only to their relatives and those who give them money. We have been here for too long, what are the waiting hours here?” one old man kept on asking.

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