Illegal immigrant falls into the crocodile infested Limpopo River.

An unidentified woman is lucky to be alive after she fell from the Beitbridge’s old bridge into the crocodile-infested Limpopo river recently. It is alleged that the woman was walking on an engineer’s track under the Alfred Beit-Bridge when she slipped and fell into the  river at the border post.

The bridge is 540 meters long and the woman fell into the water when she was halfway through around 9am. Travellers gathered on the New Limpopo Bridge to catch a glimpse of the woman as she laboured to escape from the crocodiles. The unidentified woman was among a group of border jumpers heading into South Africa.

The incident was caught on camera by-standers as they encouraged and urged the woman not to panic but to just swim out of the river.

A 45-second video clip recorded by the onlookers shows woman in white swimming across the river from a distance and onlookers are heard shouting in their loudest voices from the background encouraging the woman to swim quickly.

Luckily for the woman, she managed to swim to safety and was not attacked by the crocodiles.

The Limpopo River is well-known for being a habitat of ruthless crocodiles. Many people have died in the river as they got attacked by crocodiles whilst attempting to cross into South Africa illegally.

A border official said the woman managed to cross to South Africa.

“It was just her lucky day as that place is infested with crocodiles and sometimes hippopotamuses,” said the official.

Limpopo police spokesperson, Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe, could not be reached for comment. However, he has previously said that they have launched a festive season operation named “Zizo Jik’ Izinto”. He said the operation aims to combat crimes including illegal immigrants, drug peddlers, smugglers, armed robbers, illegal firearms, and those operating shebeens.

Ngoepe further said that the police have hit the ground running with the operation having started on the 16th of  November and that it will continue up to early next year. Ngoepe also added that around 4 000 people have since been arrested for various offences in Limpopo province.

According to Ngoepe, the people were nabbed for crimes including murder, attempted murder, business and house robberies, rapes and sexual assault, burglaries, assaults, and possession of unlicensed firearms.





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