Keeping kids active through sports

The Children of the Dawn centre recently hosted a sports’ day at Pugishe Primary School’s sports ground. According to the organiser of the event, Ms Kim Moon, the aim of the event aligns with their mission of keeping children busy. Moon said they want to show children the importance of playing sports.

“That is the reason why we decided to just have fun games. There were no fees for these games, we just want to keep children active” she said.

The games played on the day included soccer, netball, table tennis, athletics and skipping rope. The first game to play was that of soccer between Children of the Dawn and Sediba Sa Thuto, who kicked off the game and even scored their first goal within a few minutes of starting the game.

From the word go, Sediba sa Thuto was dominating the game, Children of the Dawn weren’t just resting in their laurels, they were playing hard too, but not as hard as Sediba was. As much as Sediba was trying to score their second goal, COD’s defence was working hard; they made sure the ball doesn’t get to the goalposts again.

Sediba was awarded a penalty when one of their players was fouled, their player was able to convert it to a goal and that increased their lead. Minutes later, COD’s ball was about to reach the goalposts when the Sediba player took it out. The game ended with the score still at 2-0 in favour of Sediba sa Thuto.

The second game was between Shangane Hill and Mandela teams, the game was kicked off by Mandela but Shangane Hill was able to get the ball before long. Even though both teams were playing hard an opening goal was hard to come by. Mandela was the one attempting goals more than Shangane Hill, they just couldn’t get them right.

They were trying hard coming up with an opening goal but their efforts were in vain. They finally managed to get this opening goal. They continued playing hard and attempting more goals. Shangane Hill also tried their best even though they were not playing as hard as their opponents. Their defence was also on alert; they dealt properly with the balls that Mandela was attempting for goals.

Mandela managed to increase their lead a few minutes just before half time, this prompted Shangane Hill to up their efforts and they started attempting goals.  One was finally successful and the game reached half time with the score at 2-1 in favour of Mandela.

Shangane Hill kicked off the second half, it was a tough game from the word go. While Shangane Hill was trying to up their score, Mandela was trying to maintain and increase their lead. Mandela was awarded a free kick, which they failed to convert to a goal. Mandela continued playing hard even though goals were hard to come by. They finally managed to increase their lead with a ball that went straight from the defence to the goalposts.  The game ended with the score at 3-1 in favour of Mandela

According to the organiser of the event, Ms Kim Moon, the event went well even though she was not happy with the attendance. Moon said she was expecting parents to come and show support to their children. She said that the parents let them down and this is really disheartening when it comes to kids because they get happy when they see their parents showing them support.

She said she is happy though because the children were all present and they were enjoying themselves. She also added that she is also happy that the local ward councillor Mr Leonard Malomane came and watched the kids playing.

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