Kgoshi visits Mapulaneng hospital

The Chief of Thabakgolo, Kgoshi L.E Mashego, along with many other indunas throughout Bushbuckridge visited the Mapulaneng Hospital for an observation of the services rendered by the staff. This follows a number of public outcries by communities about poor services as well as the state of the hospital on Friday, the 8th of March 2019.

“I am here to visit the hospital because I’ve heard many people complain about the services, also to observe what the state of the hospital is, only to find out that it’s in a horrible condition for our people, so this is my way of trying to bring change for the better for our people because I am king because of the very same people, if they all die then who will I rule?”

The chief says he is concerned about the state of the hospital, particularly the mortuary, which according to the chief doesn’t show any dignity towards his people.

“Every now and then, people complain about the bad service from the staff, and today I am here to observe that. I’ve also noticed the state of the mortuary is horrible, water leaks everywhere and our people deserve better dignity even when they’re deceased.”

He went on to emphasise the need for the government to speed up the construction of the new hospital before the walls collapse on his people.

“Three years ago I gave the government land for free on which they should be building the new hospital, and now I am calling on those responsible to ensure that they get the work done before matters get worse here, this hospital is very old. I would appreciate if my words would bring progress.” The Mpumalanga Department of Health responded, saying that the hospital is unaware of the visit by the Chief. “On the issue of staff attitude, the hospital management will enforce the Batho Pele principles and patients’ rights.”

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