Lasizwe rubbishes claims that he deactivated his account as a result of cyberbullying.

Social media sensation, Lasizwe Damuza has rubbished claims that he deactivated his Twitter account due to cyber bullies. The “Lasiziswe: Fake It Till You Make It” star topped the trend list last week after trolls mocked him for his “small bum.” This comes after he shared a snap of himself in briefs and a T-shirt, with a cute caption that read: “To everyone with a small a**, don’t worry you are not alone. #SmallAssesMatter!”. He then added: “Tag someone with a small a** and tell them “You Matter”

While tweeps were having a field day, making all sorts of jokes and body shamming the star after he shared what appeared to be a body-positive message gone wrong, his Twitter was deactivated. Many concluded that the star deactivated his account due to body shammers’ evil comments, but Lasizwe took to Twitter this week to set the record straight.

He wrote: “They tried to hack my Twitter account… that’s why I was inactive and my account was apparently ‘deleted/ deactivated’! But we back Swirie…”

Lasizwe’s manager Tanaka Dennis confirmed that the star’s account was hacked on New Year’s Eve.

“Lasizwe’s account was hacked on New Year’s Eve. He tried to log in to post ahead of the New Year….but he couldn’t log in,” said Dennis.

He added that the star lost access to the account following multiple “attempts to log in from external parties which led to Twitter suspending” it as a security precaution. Dennis further explained that he contacted Twitter and Lasizwe’s account was verified and reactivated on January 8. The star only got access to the account on January 10. Dennis also alleged that the hacker managed to change Lasizwe’s profile picture to his own. The account also lost followers.

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