Law enforcement removes unsafe cars from the roads

Law enforcement officials have discontinued more than 1 800 vehicles from operating on public roads.

This follows the discovery that these vehicles had major defects that placed the lives of other road users at risk.

“Some of the major defects identified in the vehicles include faulty brakes, dysfunctional steering racks, smooth tyres and badly cracked windscreens. Owners of the vehicles have to fix the defects and subject the cars to roadworthy tests before operating them on public roads,” the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said on Thursday.

Vehicle roadworthiness has been identified as a key focus area in this year’s festive season road safety campaign.

Last year, vehicles roadworthiness was a factor in seven percent of fatal crashes that took place over the festive season.

“To assist law enforcement agencies to deal with this matter, the RTMC has purchased 19 mobile vehicle testing stations and distributed them in different provinces to assist in identifying vehicles that are unfit to be operated on public roads.

“The RTMC reiterates its call to motorists to fix their vehicles before embarking on their journeys and avoid overloading to reduce the number of people dying in road crashes.”

In addition, 1 465 public transport vehicles have been impounded for operating contrary to their permits and overloading of passengers. –

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