Learners showcase their talent

It was a glorious day for the parents of the children learning at Buckridge private School in Bushbuckridge, where every child was showcasing their talent at the school art festival. Students presented visual art, Poetry art, and Drama art that they have been doing during the learning year.

Different grades from pre-school to grade 8 were presenting individual, group work, and class-based 3D art, paintings and drawings. First up was the junior and the senior presenting their drama club which presented very educative biblical dramas such as the story of King Solomon. Then there were dance groups that offered eye-catching Christian dances as they went along with sweet complimentary music.

Hammering the ground were the gumboots boys who came in strong with their Energetic moves, then followed by the choir groups which left the atmosphere with sweet echoes of their beautiful voices. The pre-school learners also mesmerized the parents with their traditional dances while a traditional song was playing on the background. Lastly, the scout group which ushered some real-life demonstrations and teachings on first aid, Hiv/aids, hygiene, and Disability.

Tonderai Aka “Sir Toni” who is the teacher at Buck ridge, said he can foresee the scouts becoming action takers at school, home and the community at large. We are building responsible citizens, therefore a lot of other youth members in Bushbuckridge are going to be impacted positively by our programs and activities.

Speaking to Bushbuckridge News L Matsani who attended the festival said it was a great day for us as parents to see our children doing what they have learned during their course of the year, “we have never seen such talent and intellectual capabilities and we would like to thank the teachers and the principal also for making this all happen” said Matsani.

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