lending a hand this Mandela day

On Saturday, 18 July 2020 when everyone in the country dedicated their 67 minutes on Mandela day, Two Mountains funeral parlors saw it fit to donate food parcels to the Mambumbu home base care for 67 minutes. In a way of giving back to the community or to families that were identified to be the neediest.  During this donation precautionary measures of covid19 were followed by community members wearing a face mask, sanitizing, and social distancing.

Two Mountains representative Anorld Mdluli said that they are not doing this because they are able but because they are trying to show their customers that they also care about them. Since our former President Nelson Mandela taught us to share the little, we have with others. They also felt it is okay to share what they have with the home-based care of Mbumba hence the donation.

One of the representatives from Rfm radio station said that they were approached by Two Mountains to identify families or communities to donate to, with the help of the community leadership of Mbumba the home-based care was identified as the right place. He further said that this is something Two Mountains usually do on such days in different areas.

The Mbumba home-based care thanked the Two Mountains and Rfm for their efforts, and not forgetting that there are still people in need of such goods at the community of Mbumba as well.

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