“Let’s do a stocktake. Count them all!” Sizwe Dhlomo on the first batch of the Covid-19 vaccine

Media personality, Sizwe Dhlomo has suggested that a thorough count be carried out on the first shipment of Covid-19 vaccines to ensure some do not mysteriously disappear.

SA received its first batch of the vaccine to help fight the coronavirus. It landed at OR Tambo International airport from the Serum Institute of India.

Speaking on the first shipment, President Cyril Ramaphosa tweeted about the landmark efforts to secure the vaccine.

“Today marks a major milestone in our fight against the #coronavirus pandemic as we receive our first consignment of the vaccine. This batch will benefit our health-care workers who have been at the forefront of keeping us all safe,”

With the announcement came a wave of uplifting sentiments from Mzansi, hopeful for the future and eradicating the coronavirus.

Kaya FM host, Sizwe Dhlomo, took to Twitter with his thoughts on the virus. He said that the vaccines may already be stolen and that we need to count them come hell or high water!

Mhlambe sebeyicwiyile le-vaccine already. I say let’s do a stocktake. Count them all! A million right there in the rain. Lol!,” wrote Sizwe.

Fans weighed in with their thoughts on how the vaccines might vanish in the future if we don’t take Sizwe’s advice!

Sizwe has weighed on the coronavirus in the past. In March 2020 when the virus arrived in SA, the radio host tweeted that the “rich” are responsible for introducing the nation to the virus.

Though he was met with some backlash, many agreed with the star’s sentiments about the spread of Covid-19.

“The sad thing about it is in SA, it was the rich people who brought this virus to those who are now going to suffer the ramifications the most.” wrote Sizwe.

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