LOL! ‘The tea was very hot’: Rasta paints Malema and Zuma’s tea party.

Mzansi’s favourite painter, Lebani Sirenje, better known as Rasta, has accepted the challenge by comedian Thenjiwe Moseley to paint politicians Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema.

Malema and Zuma had South Africans talking at the weekend after the pair met for tea at Zuma’s homestead in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal. Malema reached out to Zuma on during the week and asked for an “urgent” tea meeting.

Some were left speculating about the agenda of the meeting, while others poked fun at the “reunion” of the pair.

On Saturday, Thenjiwe asked her Instagram followers to plead with Rasta to paint the two politicians together.

Thenjiwecomedy tweetwed: “Dankie @officialrastatheartist . @presjgzuma and @julius.malema.sello this piece of art is named “The Tea Was Very Hot” and it would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for @hellen_zille of @our_da or kanjani Bahlali? #nkandlateaparty #theteawasveryhot #zumandmalema #teaparty #jacobzuma #malema #juliusmalema #thenjiwe #thenjiwecomedy”

The painting is themed “the tea was very hot” and is only partially complete. The theme was  inspired by EFF spokesperson, Vuyani Pambo’s response when asked about the contents of the meeting by journalists.

“The meeting went very well. The tea was nice and sweet and very hot. You know that the practice of having tea is such that it is a slow process and you cannot just gulp it like you drink other things,” said Pambo.

The painting may be incomplete, but some have already poked fun at Rasta, saying he should leave it as it is before he “ruins it.

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