Love for Mathematics, Science and Technology

Love Mathematics, Science and Technology is a program which was started for the entire province of Mpumalanga. This is one course to groom kids from an early age to love mathematics and sciences. Agnes Chibi from MSTA, Mpumalanga Department of Education and the leader of the program in Bohlabela District told Bushbuckridge News that “the program has been launched here in Mpumalanga province to encourage our learners to take mathematics and science into consideration at schools because in our country we are in shot of doctors, engineers and pilots etc. This program focuses on grade 6 to grade 9 learners because learners from grade 6 can be easily identified on whether they are good in mathematics, science and technology.

We do this by we inviting two learners from each grade on each school in our district, we give them tasks to write from Mathematics, Natural sciences and Technology then after writing our teachers from different grades will sit down and mark the scripts then after marking we take top 10 learners from all grades and give them prizes, the prizes are just for motivation to the learners to do more and those that don’t make it to the top 10 they receive certificates for participating because after all its not about prizes but motivating and encouragement to our learners”.

She further explained that she urges all teachers in schools around Mpumalanga to support and take part in this initiative “I urge all teachers and learners of the entire province to take part in this initiative because this program is not going to benefit me but our leaners so let’s work together colleagues to prepare our learners to be the best one day”.

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