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Mabuza rejects call to contest for presidency position

Deputy President David Mabuza has rejected requests from some ANC members in Mpumalanga for
him to become president, he says that the position is already filled. Over the years, Mabuza has
been maintaining good relationship with his superior President Cyril Ramaphosa, and it is said that
he wouldn’t want to betray him. “I understand that the people of Mpumalanga want me to be
president. Are you not aware that we have a president?” said Mabuza.
He announced this few days ago that he is certain the party will retain power and said that those
who feel the ruling party will be reduced to opposition status must reasess their views Deputy
President, Mabuza has set aside rumours saying that he may run for the presidency in December and
reaffirmed his support for President Cyril Ramaphosa with the statement.
Mabuza made this statement at Phola near Hazyview in Mpumalanga at his aunts funeral over the
weekend, he told the ANC members and supporters that he and Ramaphosa were united.” those
who want to remove Ramaphosa also want to remove me and those who want to remove
Ramaphosa are also attempting to remove me,” said Mabuza. This affirms Mabuza’s loyalty to
President Cyril Ramaphosa that is unquestioned, and these two certainly have extremely pleasant
working relationship.

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