Man shot dead in a queue dispute.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a shooting incident where a man was shot dead outside a post office in Isipingo Rail on Tuesday. According to Dheven Govindasamy, of PT Alarms Tactical Unit, a lone gunman opened fire on a crowd of people outside a post office on Inwabi Road in the Isipingo Rail business district.

The crowd of people were queueing to collect their monthly unemployment grant from the post office.

“It is alleged that there was a dispute over the keeping of places in the queue. It is alleged that there was a verbal argument and things got out of hand. It is alleged that the man drew a pistol and fired shots,” Govindasamy said.

One woman was shot in the foot, while another man was also shot in the leg. Govindasamy said the gunman allegedly fled the scene and was chased by people in the queue towards the residential area on Gokul Road.

“One of the men pursuing the gunman was shot in the chest. He died on the scene. A crowd began beating up the gunman. They threw bricks at him.

“Two members from PT Alarms intervened and disarmed the gunman,” Govindasamy said.


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