Manaka Ranaka (Lucy) back on set

Less than three months after welcoming her latest child, actress Manaka Ranaka (who plays Lucy Diale on Generations: The Legacy) is back at work. She confirmed the news on Thursday by thanking the Generations production team for the bouquet of flowers they got her to welcome her back.

Fans immediately flooded her comments to welcome her back, adding that they missed seeing her on screen. This is a far cry from the experience she had 21 years ago when she was fired after refusing to terminate her pregnancy at the time at the behest of her female bosses.

“I remember when women I worked for told me to abort you and I was like la hlanya [you are crazy], they fired me!” reflected Ranaka in a birthday message to the daughter she was expecting at the time.

Ranaka is a mother to two daughters. Her eldest, Katlego, gave birth to Ranaka’s first grandchild last year, shortly before Ranaka’s own son was born.

A spokesperson for Generations: The Legacy confirmed that Ranaka is indeed back on set, she returned on Wednesday, the 18th of February.

Ranaka has been playing the role of Lucy Diale on Generations: The Legacy ever since the show was rebooted after the infamous “Generations 16″ saga.

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