Matthews children’s book helps children access their inner strength.

Zinhle T. Matthews (37) has written a children’s book, My Family of Superheroes, that focuses on how positive phrases can help children realise their inner strength and potential. The book tells the story of Precious who, inspired by her mother, uses positive affirmation to overcome her insecurities and doubts.

My Family of Superheroes is meant to be read by a parent or caregiver to a child. The book features images of Precious, her parents, baby sibling and the family cat dressed as the heroes and heroines of their own story.

Matthews, who was born in Mkhondo in Mpumalanga and grew up in Bethal, first became interested in writing in 2019, but has always known that part of her purpose is to inspire youth. She said positive thinking is a powerful tool that can empower and help people overcome challenges.

“Although many adults are aware of the power of positive thinking, the benefits of positive affirmation also apply to children,” she said.

It was this realisation, and feeling like she wasn’t living up to her potential, that prompted the mother of two to write a book to help children access their inner hero. In 2019, Matthews went through a journey of self-discovery and started writing because she didn’t want to forget what she had learnt.

“I wanted to align myself with my purpose. It started from a place of unfulfillment and the goal was to find something that would fill the void. I knew I had a responsibility to find that for myself, from within myself. I am so glad I finally did,” said Matthews.

She added that she hopes to inspire other young women to reach for their dreams, saying the first step is to recognise the power within yourself.

“Confidence comes from within© Sometimes we are afraid of failure, but not trying at all is a guarantee of failure. So I choose to try. I hope you will too,” she said.

The book was released on the 24th of  May, this year and is available from selected stores and Amazon.

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