Mhala police station shutdown for decontamination


By: Staff Reporter

The Mhala police station has been temporarily closed for decontamination after one of its members tested positive for COVID-19.

The community will now be served through the Community Service Centre operating from the Romans Catholic Church premises which is not far from the police station for the convenience of the community, approximately 200 meters from the station to be exact.

“The telephone lines at Mhala police station Community Service Centre will not be accessible for the duration of the closure,” the South African Police Service (SAPS) said. The community is advised to call 079 396 4587 for emergencies and complaints which will be taken care of.

“The Station Commander may be contacted on 082 565 8438. “The police station is expected to be fully operational again on Wednesday, 1 July 2020. “The SAPS management apologizes for any inconvenience that may arise from this,” SAPS said.

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