Miss Bachelorette SA finalist Lebo Mamphego hopes to give ’mature women recognition’

Juggling her busy schedule as a model, taking care of family and working for a charity organisation, Lebo Mamphego’s schedule is about to get to get even more busier as she has recently started preparing for the second Miss Bachelorette South Africa (MBSA) competition next month.
Miss Bachelorette South Africa is a women’s empowerment project that is presented in a pageant form. Its’ main aim is to give unmarried, mature women recognition and honour through philanthropy, fashion, and beauty. It is the only South African pageant that focuses on women between the ages of 25 and 50 who are unmarried and independent (with or without children).
Mamphego, 30, born at Nebo in Sekhukhune, Limpopo, enters the Miss Bachelorette pageant for the second time and could not hide her jubilation at competing again.
“It is exciting times because this competition gives women a voice, for instance to fight GBV, and encourage other women to speak out and also be independent. Women have become so dependent on men that when such situations occur, they find it hard to stand up for themselves. It also gives us an opportunity to show pride in being unmarried at the age 30, which is by choice, until I know and feel that I am right to take that step,” Mamphego said.
Apart from doing a lot of church work she also does charity jobs. Mamphego said almost her whole life, she grew up serving the church and being part of the worship team. She said she has always loved charity work and is also loving the charity work done behind the pageants. Mamphego said she has a home at a charity organisation called Thyrest Restoration Home in Polokwane. Mamphego studied civil engineering.
“If I was the president, I would give the youth an opportunity to come up with ideas and build them up. I believe the youth is the most powerful weapon to use for the future in fighting the crises that we have as a country,” she said.
Mamphego will face off with 10 other finalists on the Miss Bachelorette 2021 finale in Polokwane next month.

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