Moment of Brilliance

Another young person from the dusty streets of Hluvukani in Bushbuckridge has pursued his dreams to the last extent. Brilliance Sibuyi recently published his first ever novel titled: ‘Victorious Life’, which, according to him, is the best book he has ever read.

He says the idea to write the inspirational and self-empowering book came after a long period of posting motivational messages on social media; “I used to post a lot on social media, and my topics would revolve around factors such as love, focus, hope and freedom, which are the four major chapters of my book”, the author said.

“I then realised that I have the potential to touch other people’s lives positively with my limited knowledge, but then social media alone wasn’t enough, that’s when I decided to write a book and reach out to the world”, Brilliance added.

Brilliance says his novel doesn’t have a specific targeted age group, as it tackles issues involving the youth, couples, congregants, business people, underprivileged and the working class.

The author, who is also a civil engineering student at the University of Johannesburg, added that the is also available for motivations and business consultations. He also added that the feedback from those who have read the book so far has encouraged him to write even more.

“I feel blessed to have overcome my fears and the society’s doubtful expressions of contempt towards my success. For I now have become a dazzling lamp in the marvelling darkness, for I have reclaimed my mother’s pride and dignity which was stolen from her by my father’s death”, he concluded.

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