More issues for the Mphenyatšatši community

Following the community meeting that was held in Mphenyatšatši Village recently, another one was held the following week with the aim of getting the Councillor, Mr Ngomane to hear the grievances of the community and to answer to them. Also present at the meeting was Ward Committee leader, Mr Mugabe.

Mugabe thanked the residents for bringing their challenges to their leadership and also urged them to be involved in bringing changes to their community. He told them that they recently had a meeting as the ward committee where they discussed the issues of the communities within the ward. He said these challenges have seen been taken to the municipality.

He also thanked the leadership of ward 9 for the progress within the ward and said that Mphenyatšatši is also benefitting on that. He told the members of the community development forum to take the information of those needing houses and send it to the human settlements offices. He also announced that a new library has been approved and it will be built at the regional offices.

Mugabe also announced the approval for RDP houses and said that 6 people from Mphenyatšatši will be getting houses. He went on to tell the residents that the ward committee has written numerous letters to the municipality about the bad state of the Mphenyatšatši road and the response they got was that the road does not belong to the municipality, it belongs to the Public Works department, so they have since sent the letter there.

He told the residents that as a ward committee, they are busy identifying the problems that the ward 9 residents are experiencing. The meeting was in chaos when the residents demanded to know who the people who just qualified for RDPs are and how they got selected. The councillor answered this one, telling them that one should apply for an RDP house, then the department will check if this person qualifies for an RDP house.

The situation got so tense that one of the residents threatened the councillor with violence. The residents complained about the case of an old whose mom’s supposedly RDP house was built up to just a slab. They said the old lady’s mom died while waiting for an RDP house and the family was forced to build a two-roomed house just so they could conduct the funeral.

The councillor responded that they are still investigating the issue of the contractor who was supposed to build the old lady’s house.

The resident also complained that one of the six beneficiaries of RDP houses has just arrived in the area but she is already getting an RDP house. They said the councillor once told them that if a person has lived in an area for less than six years, this person doesn’t qualify for an RDP house. They also accused the councillor of being corrupt. They said the lady’s house shouldn’t be built and vowed to destroy it should the contractor continue building it.

They went on to ask the councillor why some of the people whose houses were destroyed by natural disasters haven’t received houses yet.

The residents also complained about the dilapidated graveyard, saying there are no taps or toilets there. They complained that there is no development in the area, saying they are struggling with water. They also asked the CDF members to ask tavern owners to turn the music down when there are funerals and to ask the members of the taxi association to assist with taxis at funerals. They also accused the local headman of not attending funerals as he should, saying he is choosy when it comes to funerals.



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