More jobs for BBR residents

The 15 Kilometre road construction project from Welverdiend to Hluvukani was announced by the Executive Mayor of Bushbuckridge Cllr Sylvia Nxumalo, accompanied by Mpumalanga Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport on Friday afternoon 8th of March. It was an overwhelming atmosphere for the residents Welverdiend and Hluvukani to receive such good news after so many years of driving and walking on a dusty road. The Executive Mayor of Bushbuckridge Cllr Sylvia Nxumalo emphasized that all people will benefit from this project but mostly ward 33 &34 because the project is taking place under these two wards. ”There will be job creation, we are aware that our people are unemployed here, they will get employed now, even those that have trucks will benefit from this project, she said” She further said that “those that will be employed should do the quality job, counsellors or resident leaders should do the oversight on daily basis to ensure that everything that is said it is done. If you don’t check community members will come back ask what we did. The project will last for period of 20 months” explained the Mayor. “When you bring a project to people instead of the project uniting them it divides them and that makes the development to run slowly and it can lead to it not being finished in time. If there are challenges let us sit down and find solutions and move forward, we have been looking for a solution for years now, today we have found it. We will need progress report from the department, to know how far are they and what challenges have they encountered along the way, if there will be any we will try and find solutions for them, so that at the end of the day our project can be a success,” concluded the Mayor.

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