NCCC due to ‘meet soon’ – with a major change for schools lined-up

The National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) will be meeting in the very near future to discuss an amendment to current lockdown laws. This time around, the collective is looking at easing restrictions in South African schools. It’s understood that the NCCC will give the green light for schools to welcome pupils back at to the classroom at 100% capacity. The new measures would mark a return to near-normality for learners, who have had to endure a nightmare 13 months on their educational journey. The focus is likely to be on Primary Schools as a priority.
Fears about rising illiteracy rates have been raised by several prominent figures, following the large-scale disruption to schools as a result of the pandemic. Having full classrooms and ‘pre-COVID schedules’ are seen as the best way to address these concerns. Bronagh Hammond, a spokesperson for the regional authority, has revealed that 120 schools have already applied for permission to welcome back all students at ‘100% capacity’. The second academic term of the year begins on Monday 3 May, and the NCCC will have to act fast if they want to convey their message clearly and concisely.
“Quite a lot of schools have asked for the 100% capacity. They have to apply via the district [offices] in terms of whether they comply with the COVID-19 regulation to have 100% back. The NCCC will be meeting and a proposal will be put on the table in terms of the possibility of having 100% capacity back in class, especially in our primary schools. We are awaiting any further information in that regard. an increasing number of schools are applying to the district offices to have 100% capacity for the second term,” said Hammond

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