Nyathi’s Pizza Box ready to hit the screens.

“A pizza delivery guy who works at a pizza restaurant owned by his uncle is sent to deliver a very special pizza box, which has confidential written on the box. He is told to deliver this confidential pizza box the first thing in the morning, before doing anything else. Instead, the guy goes to his friend’s place and smokes weed. Things go south when he loses the confidential box after being robbed by nyaope boys. It is only then that he finds out that the box was carrying money which was meant to be a payment to a very dangerous loan shark,” Musa Nyathi says as he gives a synopsis of his upcoming film, Pizza Box which set in Bushbuckridge.

23-year-old Nyathi was born and raised in Thulamahashe and he moved to  Collegeview in 2010. He  is one of South Africa’s upcoming actors, known for playing the role of an anti-hero, Justin on SABC 1’s notable docu-series, Now Or Never; he played a supporting role on an international docu-series on kyknet, TV Bolhuis in which he played the character of Fahad, a spiritual healer; and he was also a lead/main character on Owami, a winning feature film at the Ekurhuleni film festival.

He is also a qualified actor, he studied Film Making and Acting at the African Academy of Cinematic Arts and graduated in 2019. Nyathi is also a concept producer/creator, he created the concept of the reality show that played on Moja love called FBK Millionaires, which is now playing on YouTube. He also won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the AACA Awards in April 2019.

“In order for this film to be a success, I worked with a lot of people. The crew was a lot but a friend of mine, Mike Morgan helped me in producing the film, I own a production company, Min Productions and he owns Miktec Media, so we co-produced the film. On the financial side, I was helped by my dad, Moses Nyathi who plays a cameo role on Giyani: Land of Blood, he is the executive producer of the film,” said Nyathi.

Nyathi told Bushbuckridge News that the film will be coming out on the 3rd of April. He said it will premiere on Cape Town TV, DSTV channel 263 at 23:00. He also explained that the Pizza Box talks to people with day-to-day financial problems, and they end up borrowing money from illegal loan sharks. He said this doesn’t always end well, and it also talks to the youth, so the target audience is people between the ages of 16 to 50 years.

“The film carries a lot of messages but the one that stands out the most is that people should not take the law into your own hands. The loan shark was trading illegally, he ended up being arrested for illegal trading and for taking the law into his own hands when he couldn’t get paid the money which was being owed to him,” explained Nyathi.

Nyathi added that shooting Pizza Box was not a child’s play. He said it took the four sleepless nights shoot the film. He also said that there were quite a few challenges he came across as this was his first film and he filmed it while he was still at school. He said he came across some challenges, he said some of the actors were new actors so they delayed the set, they would look at the camera while the crew was shooting so the crew had to start afresh.

He said he had to go back and show these actors how the thing is done. He said he understood that these cast members don’t have a platform in the area so he had to be patient with them and take them through the steps. Nyathi said he too was once a beginner and that the person who taught him the art of acting also told him that he should pass the knowledge through to the upcoming ones.

“Acting is being,” Nyathi said that is his message to the aspiring actors. “Whenever you deliver a line make sure it feels real to you, that’s how your audience will relate. Make sure you research because acting is simple but it’s not easy. Go to YouTube, learn about it, if you can afford to go to school do so because there’s a lot of technicalities when it comes to acting, so grow your craft by learning.”

“Film making requires a lot, it needs proper planning. The industry is very political, it’s either you are that good or you know someone who can recommend you to the big guns so you can showcase your skill or you will have a long way to go. But lucky enough, we have YouTube where we can have our own channels and own our content,” he said.

Nyathi said Mandla N is his role model, he said Mandla N makes the best shows in South Africa, for instance, eHostela is currently the biggest show in the and it is under Black brain pictures which belongs to Mandla N.

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