Petros Mshengu Mabuza shot and killed in Hazyview.

Above: A video showing the scene of Mabuza’s death.

The police have confirmed that the notorious businessman and rhino poaching kingpin,  Petros Sydney Mabuza was killed on Thursday in a hail of bullets in Hazyview. According to an eyewitness, Mabuza, who was popularly known as ‘Mr Big’, was in his car when unknown gunmen opened fire at his car, which was parked at the Lowveld Mall bus station. He was rushed to Kiaat Hospital in Nelspruit but died on his way to the hospital. It is said that his car had about 17 bullet holes.

Mabuza has been in and out of the courts since 2018 on charges of rhino poaching. In 2018 he was arrested and charged with crimes ranging from rhino horn theft to the illegal possession of rifles and live ammunition.

It is also alleged that Mabuza was behind the assassination of the Hawks’ top investigator, Leroy Bruwer, who was handling his case and was hot on trial then. It is said that detectives know who was in the car and who pulled the trigger when Leroy was shot dead.

A CCTV footage from the scene shows a black sedan arriving on the scene, three guys get out of the car, approach Mabuza’s car, which is parked under a tree, the black sedan drives off while the three shoot at Mabuza’s  car, within a few minutes, the black sedan is back again, the three guys get in and the car drives away.

According to police spokesperson, Brigadier Leonard Hlathi, the incident happened during the course of the day. He appealed to those who might have anyone who might have information to contact the Hazyview Police Station and help the police with the information.

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