Ploughing back to the communities

The founders of the Plough back to the Communities Music School
The learners at the Plough Back to the Communities music school

Plough Back to the Communities is a non-profit organisation music school based in Dwarsloop along the R40 main road, opposite to Avuxeni Computer Academy. The school offers free music lessons to over 50 learners around Bushbuckridge and as far as Graskop.

Lambert Simango, assistant director for Plough Back to The Communities said; “We are a non-profit organisation which is based here in Bushbuckridge. Our main objective is to motivate businesses to inject some of their profits into the community helping to alleviate poverty to help those who are vulnerable and less fortunate. Our main target is unemployed youth, children with learning barriers and the disabled.”

He added; “Basically we want to act as a liaison between the community and businesses because businesses come to the local communities to make profits, but then in return the communities are not benefitting in return. We have identified a number of people who have challenges.”

“We have children with learning barriers at school, the disabled and many others with an interest in music. Unfortunately we don’t have schools which cater for such learners with special needs around, so this is an opportunity for them to learn music so that we can drag them away from drugs crime and other social issues and give them a life skill that they can use for the rest of their lives.”

“It would be very good if we could have a formal working relationship with the Department of Education because they know that they have many learners in their system who cannot make it, but then still keep them up to matric, which frustrates them even more, then they end up as criminals.”

Ayanda Masilela, a 14 year-old grade 8 pupil from Masana Secondary School said, “I am here to study how to play a trumpet because there’s no brass band at church. So far I’ve learnt a lot notes and songs and I’m very grateful for the opportunity because whenever I come here I feel at home knowing I’m learning and also destructed from peer pressure. I would like to encourage the founders to continue with their great work.”

The students will be awarded with certificates afterwards, and also assisted with looking for employment at different churches and other places.



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