Proudly South African urges consumers to buy local this Black Friday

“Black Friday may be very different from previous years but remember to buy local” says Proudly South African. The local brands’ marketing organisation says even though this year’s Black Friday is expected to be blacker for many people than it was in the previous years given the seriously constrained economic circumstances,  there will still be many bargains on offer as retailers and manufacturers move stock that has sat unsold during the lockdown period.

According to Proudly South African, considering the fact that a number of jobs were lost during the lockdown period and that many livelihoods are still at stake, they are urging consumers who are planning to take advantage of the November 27th sales, to buy locally manufactured goods.

The organisation has echoed President Cyril Ramaphosa’s  words, saying that by buying local, South Africans retain and may even re-create some of the jobs that have been lost over the last few months and may put South Africa and South Africans back to work.

This is the message to South Africans by both the real and the fictitious President of the country. In the Proudly SA’s current television commercial, “It’s Game Time, Mzansi”, Dr John Kani plays the role of the nation’s conscience and its president and he calls upon all South Africans to support locally manufactured goods and services. In his address when he delivered his National Recovery Plan, the real President Ramaphosa also made a call for increased localisation as a means of kickstarting the economy again.

According to Proudly South African, buying local has never been as important as now. The organisation also advised consumers to check product’s labels for origin and to support local brands. It also said that even those who shop online can check the Proudly South African’s dedicated online shopping platform; which will also have its own bargains on offer!

“Buy local to create jobs!” said Proudly South African.

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