Relief for community and truck drivers with new truck stop in Malalane

The community and municipality of Malalane have come together to find a solution to the trucks causing damage in town. Sidewalks, light poles, power boxes and roads have been damaged over the years, in an attempt to seek safe refuge when stopping to rest.

The Malalane Toyota owner, Johan Horn, approached the Department of Transport to discuss a solution for the challenges experienced, and to ensure that truck drivers have a safe place to stop their truck for the night.

Mike Lurie, a local farmer, was approached by Horn to rent a piece of land in order to give the trucks the space that they need to safely park and or turn. This piece of land is right behind Triton Fleet on Kiepersol Street. The trucks have easy passage off the N4 by turning right onto Baobab Boulevard just before town coming from Mbombela, and turning left when coming from Maputo. Directional signage will be placed in due course.

This is, however, is a temporary solution. The piece of land is likely to be inaccessible during heavy rains due to the lack of vegetation and soil content. The land in question is also owned by Misty Sea Trading and is set for construction in the future. It is currently being rented to Horn on a month-to-month basis.

“The trucks are a menace to town,” said Nkomazi Local Municipality spokesperson, Cyril Ripinga. Ripinga confirmed that a more permanent solution will have to be made, however, could not yet comment because there are financial implications and other factors that need to be taken into account. Truck drivers are already making use of this temporary trucks stop and have expressed their gratitude toward Horn and Malalane Toyota.

“Thanks to Malalane for making a parking space for us as truckers. This is a good move. Now we don’t have to stress when parking. It was hectic using the N4 for roadside parking because of traffic cops giving us fines while buying food. Many thanks to the organisers who came up with this truck parking space,” said Roy Kayela on the Malelane Info & Adverteer Facebook group.

Horn was cautiously excited for the positive impact and support of local role players in this initiative.

“I am a proud resident of Malalane. I am of the opinion that as a community, we have to work together to ensure the upkeep of our beautiful town. Easier said than done, I know, but every little bit counts,” he said.

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