SA ostrich meat stirs debate for being sold in UK supermarkets.

While ostrich meat is considered to be a delicacy, especially amongst some locals in South Africa, others find the mere thought of it to be bizarre and frankly, upsetting. This was the case when news of ostrich meat in the United Kingdom (UK) supermarkets made headlines, which saw some Australians deeply upset by the choice of food that’s being sold, Daily Mail Australia reports.

This debate was reportedly triggered by a post which circulated on a Facebook group for ‘Aldi mums’, with the name relating to the German supermarket chain with stores in both the UK and Australia. The post revealed an Aldi in the UK offering fillet steaks at £3.99 for a 250g pack (around R320 per kg), attached to the comment, “[h]ow cool would this be for Australia to get?,” as one publications explains.

Well, if you asked those responding to the post, they might not agree that the suggestion was “cool” at all.

Some found the very notion of consuming this South African-based meat product to be “gross” and “inhumane” while others adopted an educational approach by explaining how ostriches are farmed while pointing out the similarities that comes with eating chicken, the publication adds.

The product that caused the massive stir is a pack of two pre-grilled ostrich fillet steaks, sold under the brand The Lions Kingdom, made by , based in Oudtshoorn.

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