SANDF, SAPS to guard sites where covid-19 vaccine will be administered.

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and the South African Police Services (SAPS) will be deployed to different sites where the COVID-19 vaccine is set to be administered across the country. These are just some of the details revealed by the national Health Department’s Dr Aquina Thulare during the African National Congress’ progressive business forum engagement recently.

According to Thulare, six considerations were made when picking the vaccines; these included efficiency, availability and the ability to withstand storage and distribution processes. She said that there would be security watching over the vials at the different storage sites across the country, with the police and military being tasked to look over them as they are administered.

“This way, they will be able to account for every dose of the COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines are going to be trackable and traceable and we are going to use a barcoding system to do this, meaning that we will have to make sure that we know where each and every vaccine will be used,” said Thulare.

She said that the department wanted to build vaccine confidence in the country, which they were hoping to achieve through transparent and effective safety surveillance mechanisms, including electronic reporting systems for adverse effects. She also added that teams of healthcare workers would also be at every site to assist should the need arise.

“That will be ready to manage any adverse effects that may arise out of vaccination, including ensuring that there is resuscitation kits and appropriate skill that can ensure that we do not subject the population to adverse effects,” she said.


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