SAPS warn South Africans to avoid these three ‘dangerous men’

Mpumalanga SAPS has launched a major manhunt for three suspects who escaped from police custody this week, following an alleged ‘scuffle’ with prison guards taking the men to court. The missing trio are described as ‘highly dangerous’, and members of the public are advised to avoid them at all costs.
According to SAPS, the fugitives took part in an armed robbery earlier this month. Jima Dube, Sandile Gasa, and Emmanuel Sibanda have been named as the crooks on the run.
According to the police report, there were initially four suspects who had escaped but a swift police response helped them find one of the rogue prisoners, Welcome Mncube, who was rearrested.
Mpumalanga police were transporting four suspects that were arrested on allegations of a business robbery, yesterday morning. During the time when the suspects were being taken from the police van to court, a scuffle broke out and the four suspects escaped. A manhunt was immediately launched thereafter.”

“The 34-year-old Jima Dube, Sandile Gasa, aged 42, as well as 28-year-old Emmanuel Sibanda are still at large. While searching for the suspects, police received information that one of the suspects, Welcome Mncube (56) was spotted at a bush near the courthouse. Police then followed the lead, spotted him and swiftly rearrested him as he attempted to flee.”
Things went from bad to worse for Mncube, who gravely injured himself while being apprehended for the second time. In an attempt to steal a police officer’s gun, the 56-year-old inadvertently shot himself. However, setting aside this comical incident, the suspects who broke free are still considered dangerous – and you must contact the police if you spot them.
“While being arrested, Welcome Mncube tried to grab the police officer’s service pistol and it went off and it hit him. He was then taken to hospital after sustaining a gunshot wound and he is currently under police guard in Mpumalanga. The other two that sustained some injuries during the scuffle at the courthouse are also recovering in hospital.”
“Police urge members of the public not to approach them. They are considered to be dangerous. Rather notify police about their whereabouts. Police cannot rule out possibilities of adding more charges with regard to the injured members

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