Sewage leak cause a stench

By Rodney Mashego

Residents of Saselani in Bushbuckridge had endured an unbearable stench of sewage since last year and cannot bear it anymore.

This comes as after a leaking sewerage that runs from Dwarsloop phase 1 towards the bridge which joins the two communities.

Local residents who pass by the bridge to work every day say they have been subjected to the awful smell for over a year now, and that the municipality doesn’t take their concerns seriously.

They say that they have reported the matter on more than two occasions to the municipality, till today there hasn’t been any positive change. One of the concerned residents, who asked not to be named by the publication to protect her identity, told Bushbuckridge News that, “The smell is unbearable when the sewage leaks, maybe because we are from a poor community that is the reason our plea is not taken into consideration,” said the concerned resident.

Refiloe Mashego, a 17 year-old Grade 11 pupil from Masana High School said, “We pass there every day, and this smell will soon have a negative impact on us. In the morning when we go to school, the smell is a bit better, but then it becomes worse during the day. At first there was a leaking sewerage on the right side which didn’t smell this bad, but then it was fixed about a year ago. This one is far worse. At times I struggle to eat I turn to vomit. But I am more concerned about the health of young children”

Other concerned residents also expressed their distress, and further urged Bushbuckridge Local municipality to urgently attend to their crisis. In an effort to get a comment to get a comment from Bushbuckridge Local Municipality’s Communications Manager, Aubrey Mnisi he said; “We were not aware of this burst sewerage pipe, and since it has been reported now, we will investigate the matter as an emergency and make sure that it is repaired as soon as possible. We won’t allow a situation where sewerage is spilling all over, so we will ensure that it is fixed within a period of three days, which will also depend on the amount of work that needs to be done,” he said.


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