Sex is no cure for Covid-19, says Health Department

The National Health Department has dismissed a report making the rounds on social media encouraging people to engage in several hours of sexual intercourse as a cure for Covid-19. The health department distanced itself from the fake report which used its official logo.

The badly written fake report was riddled with many typos. “The only way we can beat this Coronavirus! note let’s keep everyone indoors at least four to six hours a day we confirm that sex is the only Madication we can use for now. let’s try to make many rounds as we can at least four to five per day until further notice. This is for elders only a health and strong Together we conquer” Signing off as the Department of health republican of South Africa (sic).“

The health department quickly sprung into action by issuing an advisory and marking the note, in red, as fake. The health department and provincial departments have started to act more swiftly, in seeking and rooting out fake news, especially on social media platforms, which can be a mine field for fake news.

It recently asked consumers to be more vigilant and to rely on government platforms for credible information on the pandemic and interventions to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Heartlines’ Dr Garth Japhet recently appealed to members of the public to “pause before you post as, much like the virus, each of us has the power to break the link of infection and protect ourselves and others”.

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