Sisulu launches sand water extraction project in Limpopo

Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has launched the Sand Water Extraction project to benefit the communities of Kuranta and Sekhiming Villages in Limpopo.

The project, undertaken in Mopani District Municipality is implemented by Lepelle Northern Water and meant to overcome water challenges experienced in the villages within the Mopani District Municipality.

Limpopo has been one of the provinces which have experienced severe droughts over the past years, leaving communities without safe drinking water.

The launch of the project is expected to bring much needed relief to the affected communities.

Molototsi River in Mopani District Municipality meets the typical characteristics of sand rivers where water is stored in the sand; quality is generally good due to frequent recharge and the filtering effect of the sand.

Speaking at the launch held in Sekhiming Village on Friday, Sisulu said she is grateful for all the cooperation received from the two spheres of government in Limpopo.

“This is a solution for rural areas struggling with water. We are looking for any solution that can be found to service the needs of our people. Without water there is no life,” Sisulu said.

Sisulu also thanked the Interim Board of Lepelle Northern Water (LNW), under the leadership of Interim Chairperson Joe Mathebula for its sterling leadership in ensuring that water is provided to drought areas of Limpopo.

Prior to the Sand Water Abstraction project launch, Sisulu had a meeting with various stakeholders of the Vhembe District Municipality where issues of water reticulation from Nandoni Dam and compensation of the families affected by the building of the dam were discussed.

During the meeting, Sisulu emphasised that Nandoni Dam must provide water to its immediate villages before other villages and towns. –

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