Sizwe Dhlomo: ‘We don’t need a government that doesn’t lie, we need government that doesn’t have to’

Media personality, Sizwe Dhlomo has taken to social media to hit back at governments that lie to their people, saying that citizens shouldn’t have to deal with lies in the first place.

It all began after a tweep said that the SA government lies to the nation. Replying to the sentiments, Sizwe said that a government would only have to lie if it had to cover up for its lack of delivery.

He went on to say that rather than a government that lies, the ideal government wouldn’t need to hide anything in the first place.

“A government that’s not delivering as it should is always forced to lie to make things look better. Honesty is overrated, we don’t need a government that doesn’t lie. We need government that doesn’t have to,” said Sizwe.

This led to discussion on the Kaya FM host’s Twitter account. One Twitter user disagreed with Sizwe, saying that a government owes its people transparency rather than hiding its alleged wrongdoings.

However, the star responded, saying that there shouldn’t be a situation to apologise for in the first place.

“Honesty is overrated. Telling the truth and transparency doesn’t solve any situation. What you need is not to have the situation at all,” he tweeted.

Many took to the reply section of the tweet with their own thoughts on Sizwe’s political opinions

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