Slang G interview

  1. Please tell the people of Bushbuckridge who Slang G is, and where he comes from?
  2. Slang G is Eben Mkhabela aka HoodGod aka The Don or the Don Wolf from Bushbuckridge, he’s stayed in Mkhuhlu, Marite, and Hazyview for a while so it’s safe to say he is a resident for Bush as a whole. A true representative of the Hiphop culture in Bushbuckridage and Mpumalanga. A rapper, producer, composer, vocalist, songwriter and music director.
  3. When did your musical journey begin?
  4. My Musical journey began way back in primary school where I was a hip-hop dancer with the influences of Michael Jackson and Usher to name few. In 2004 I was then introduced to hip-hop, which I loved tremendously, artists such as Emimen, 50cent and Jay Z along with Zola Brown Dash and others really helped me in my growth as an emcee.
  5. You were nominated for the South African Hip Hop Awards last year. Briefly tell us more about that.“King of Mpumalanga“– it is basically an award that acknowledges the words of a person in their province and what they have done to put their province on the map. So I had released a video (which was aired on Soweto TV, SABC1 Kuzekuse, etc.) the previous year, my single was doing fairly well on iTunes and other online platforms. And to top it off me and my team organised a show called MIM (Made In Mpumalanga) which was a huge success, so much so that the organisers of SAHHA asked if they could use the name MIM instead of Slang G so it can show a more unified look for our province and I selflessly agreed.
  6. To answer that I would need to explain more about the nature of the Award.
  7. What role would you say the SAHHA recognition played in the growth of hip hop music in Bushbuckridge?
  8. It played a huge role in the sense that it showed everyone in the region that the rest of the country is watching. It showed them that it is possible to be recognised at a national level. Hard work and dedication pays and this proves that theory entirely.
  9. Now that you’ve been recognised, what’s next for Slang?
  10. More work, more work, more work! That is the motto. I am currently working on a new project titled COLOURS. I’m helping a lot of starting young stars by recording, mixing and mastering and I have huge plans for next year. New videos, new project and a number of well-known features are in the pipeline.
  11. Who do you look up to? Why?
  12. I look up to my mother firstly she such an inspiration a power and amazing woman indeed. Musically it would be Jay Z and Kanye West I feel they have transcended as more than just artist the put the art before all else and I admire that a great deal.
  13. What else do you do except for making music?
  14. Film and script writing we in the works to shoot a new film about a story from Bushbuckridge, production of blogs and video editing as well as mentorship programs and charities in and around Bushbuckridge
  15. Anything else you’d like to add?
  16. Work Hard and pray harder live your life to its fullest potential, tomorrow is not promised so start where you are with what you have. Happiness is a decision; choose wisely. I would like to thank my Label and my partners at We Classic Music Group; they are the engine that drives me. Praises to The Most High. Thank you!

Eben Mkhabela aka Slang G

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